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Tuition Rates

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2017 Summer Fun (May 31-July 14) Cost:

Morning Program (7‐12 pm) $870 (2 Pmts. $435)
Day Program (7‐3 pm) $955 (2 Pmts. $477.50)
Extended Day (7‐5 pm) $1040 (2 Pmts. $520)
Registration/Comp Fee $45.00

2017-2018 Fall Session (July 31*‐ May 25) per month cost:

Morning Program (7‐12 pm) $580.00
Day Program (7‐3 pm) $630.00
Extended Day (7‐5 pm) $685.00
Registration Fee (annually) $75.00
Comprehensive Fee (annually) $225.00

*To introduce children to our program, July 31 and August 1 are half days of school (7am-12pm) with only 2 classes on campus each day. Parents receive an email during the summer stating which day their child’s class will attend. August 2 is the first full day of school with all students on campus.


Q: Do I pay extra for snacks?

A: USDA approved morning and afternoon snack are provided with regular tuition.

Q: What about lunch?  Do we bring our own or is it included?

A: You may bring a lunch from home for your child or participate in the hot lunch program for an additional fee each month.

Q: Are registration fees and/or comprehensive fees refundable or applicable to tuition?

A: The Registration fee is non-refundable, non-transferable, and not applicable to tuition fees. The Comprehensive fee is refundable if the child withdraws before school starts and will be prorated if the child withdraws after school starts-it is not applicable to tuition fees.

Q: How do I make payments?

A: We accept personal checks, cashiers checks or money orders.  No cash or credit cards.

More questions? Please call or email us at:

Our Phone Number:
Preschool Phone: (808)235‐2271
Church Office Phone: (808)-247-4271
Fax: (808)247‐4271

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